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Mana Ohana

Mana Ohana

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6.0% alc/vol

Mana Ohana means (strength and family). It is a belief that power comes through these. Through being together and supporting each other. 

We had one of our own at SYC go through a traumatic experience like none other that many of us could never fully imagine.  The Hlewka family was brought to the devastating reality when their five year old daughter was diagnosed with cancer. Samantha went through numerous chemo treatments, surgeries, and appointments and lived at the Stollery for a number of months. Through all of this they stayed strong, brave, and held onto the family and community that rallied behind their Sammy. They pushed through the Mana Ohana way. And their daughter, they’re SUPER SAM persevered.

This beer is a tribute to that perseverance, That drive, That ‘going to kick you in the butt’ attitude! The fighting chance!

For our third year in a row we are giving a portion of the proceeds of Mana Ohana to children like Sammy, who are battling for their lives. 

For this beer you can expect it to be a full-bodied, Juicy IPA fermented with a traditional Norwegian Farmhouse yeast.


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