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Advent Calendar 2022

Advent Calendar 2022

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Featuring twenty-four different SYC beers, each labeled in a sequential order, this set of beers counts down the days until Christmas with a fun theme of crosswords. 

How will you know what beer you are drinking that day?
Each morning we will post a clue on our website and on Instagram. The clue will help you decipher which delicious beer you will be enjoying that day. Don't worry; if you don't get the clue in the morning, we will release what the beer is at 5PM each night. 

Available for shipping Canada-wide. These boxes will start being shipped on the 3rd week of November to your house. They will be available for pick up at our taproom starting the third week of November. Unfortunately we are unable to arrange earlier pickups. No discount codes can be used with this product. 

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