Class Heroes

  • $150.00

Hey you SYC Class Hero!

Let's kick off 2022 with some strong moves. We've partnered up with three of the best and funnest studios in Edmonton to bring you the best winter camp. 

This fun winter camp consists on the following:

Sign up to one of the options we've wrapped up for you

  • 6x classes at Hive Fit Co
  • 6x sessions at Runaway Workout Club
  • 6x sessions at Metta Yoga 
  • or if you're feeling adeventurous and want to give all three a try you can do: 2x sessions Hive Fit Co, 2x sessions at Runaway Workout Club, and 2x sessions at Metta Yoga. 2. 

Join our SYC Brewing Strava Club. Share your progress and connect with all fellow SYC Class Heroes
Receive 4x 4-packs of SYC Phantom Buzz Pale Ales to get you through each week in January. 
At the end of the month receive a $50 gift card from SYC Brewing to purchase more beer as a reward to completing the camp and get an exclusive SYC Class Hero shirt. 

When: January 2022 at your own pace.

A couple of thing:

  • You will receive a total of 6x classes and they will all need to be used in the month of January. 
  • Once you've sign up to the camp, we will pass along all your information to your selected studio. To redeem your classes at each studio, you will need to show your ID so they can confirm your subscription.
  • Please check in with your selected studio for workout-related questions. We'll try to help but our response will most likely involve beer in it. 
  • The non alcoholic beers will be available for pick up at our taproom located at 11239 180th Street NW. If you'd like to get them shipped, we offer local delivery for $8 - please get in touch with us at if you'd like to get them shipped.
  • SYC gift card will be emailed to you at the end of January so you can celebrate your accomplishments.
  • Your shirt will be available for pick up at our taproom within the first week of February.